Packaging materials

removals-London-removals-north-London-London-man-and-van-p9We always strive to the best customer service. And we want our customers to be happy. For that reason you can get delivered all packaging materials to make it easier for you in that time when you have a lot of things on your head.

When you require help with packaging all your valuables please do not hesitate to contact us on

01992 283 073 or 07999 712 339. More information how we can help you with packing of your belongings, furniture and valuables please go to house removals London page.

Price list of packaging materials we can supply for all our customers:

Large box (double wall) 22”x14”x14” Ideal for extra-large/ heavy household items


Large box (single wall)22”x14”x14”


Medium box 12”x9”x9”  Ideal for schoolbooks, documents, novels etc.


Wardrobe box Flat-Pack Double Walled 20″x19″x49″


Bubble wrap 15m x 750mm Ideal for Protection of Breakable Items


100 sheets tissue paper Great for wrapping & Protecting China Items, Porcelain, Small Ornaments etc.


Roll buff packing tape


All packing materials will be delivered when you book your move with us within 15miles from north London for just £10.

We also offer new crate hire for all our customers.The crates are much stronger as they are made of plastic.In those 80 liters containers you can fit even more items inside which will be easier and cheaper for you.You can hire them for as little as £1 each per week.We will deliver them on the same day of your move or one,two days before for extra charge depends on your destination within Greater London.

Call us today on 01992 283 073 or 07999 712 339 to get your packaging materials before you will need to pack everything to prepare for your upcoming move.